(Checkout and Confirmation): Seljari (Seller): Eidicamping Kolshjallar 470 Eiði VAT number: 659339 Email: [email protected] Phone: +298 530333

Prísir (Prices): All prices include VAT. In addition to the price, there may be a cost for shipping (usually DKK 49.-) for postal delivery if requested. See below.

Gjalding (Payment): Payment for the ordered items must be made either through the payment system or via bank transfer. Cash payment is also possible if you choose to collect the item from our warehouse. Payment can be made with the following payment cards: Dankort, Visa, and Mastercard. The amount will not be deducted from your payment card until the item is either collected from our warehouse or sent by mail. The payment process is handled by Quickpay & Clearhaus. These are recognized and secure payment systems. We never store any of your payment information.

Levering (Delivery): The ordered item can be collected from our storage facility at Kjolshjallar 7 or it can be delivered to your doorstep through the door-to-door delivery service provided by the postal service. The usual delivery time is one business day, which means you can expect to receive the item in the latter part of the day following your order (business days). However, it may take 2-3 days for delivery, depending on the location within the country. This is especially applicable to areas that are not connected to the main region. The postal service does not make deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. The cost for postal delivery is usually DKK 49.- This cost will be added to the total cost of the order.

Cost of delivery: There is no cost if you choose to collect the item. It is not possible to have the item sent by mail.

When part of your order is out of stock: If part of your order is not in stock, we will contact you and inform you when the entire order is expected to be in stock. After that, you can choose whether 1) you want to receive the order in one or more shipments, or 2) you only want to proceed with part of the order, or 3) you want to cancel the entire order.

Please note: We never charge your payment card until the item is collected from us or sent to you by mail, as agreed upon.

Out-of-stock items: If it is indicated on the webshop that the item or size you want is not in stock, you are welcome to contact us via email ([email protected]) to inquire about the availability of the item and proceed with the order.

Right of withdrawal: Eidicamping.fo follows the guidelines set by the Danish Consumer Ombudsman. Customers of eidicamping.fo have a 14-day right of withdrawal for products ordered and purchased on eidicamping.fo. The right of withdrawal is valid from the day the customer receives the item. The customer has 14 days to notify us of the use of the right of withdrawal and then an additional 14 days to return the item to eidicamping.fo. As a general rule, the item should be returned to Eidicamping in the same condition as it was when the customer received it. To avoid any depreciation charges, the customer can, as a thumb rule, handle and try the item at home in the same way as in a regular physical store. The customer is responsible for the cost of returning the item to eidicamping.fo when exercising the right of withdrawal. The item should be sent or delivered to: Eidicamping Kolshjallar 7 470 Eiði Once Eidicamping receives the item, the company will process the bank transfer, refunding the full purchase amount to the buyer. The bank account number can be provided. However, if it is evident that the item has been used when the right of withdrawal is canceled and the item is returned to us, the right of withdrawal may be rejected or the amount may be deducted for depreciation before the refund is transferred back to the customer.

Defective products: If a customer of Eidicamping reports a defect in the item, this should be notified to Eidicamping.fo as soon as possible after the defect is discovered. All such notifications will be handled in accordance with the applicable purchase laws in the Faroe Islands. The customer should then contact Eidicamping via email and provide information about the defect. It is best if the customer also sends pictures of the defect. If the defect is confirmed by Eidicamping, the customer will usually receive a new item of the same kind. If the same item is no longer available, the customer will be offered a similar item or a discount on the price, while retaining the original item. If the customer does not wish to receive a similar item or a discount on the purchase price while keeping the original item, the customer has the option to cancel the purchase. If the customer wishes to receive another item or cancel the purchase, the customer is obligated to return the original item to eidicamping.fo. After 2 years, the customer can no longer report defects in the item.

Complaints: Complaints about eidicamping.fo can, for private users, be addressed to the Consumer Ombudsman in the Faroe Islands.

Online payment: Payment can be made directly with payment cards: Dankort, Visa, and Mastercard, or via bank transfer. Online payments are processed through the Quickpay and Clearhaus systems. These are recognized and secure payment systems. We never store any of your payment information, and the payment amount will not be deducted from your payment card until the item is either collected from our warehouse or sent by mail.

Terms for Renting a Camping Spot and Tent Spot:

  1. Booking and Reservation:
    a. To rent a camping spot or tent spot, a reservation must be made in advance.
    b. Reservations can be made through our website or by contacting us directly.
  2. Duration of Stay:
    a. The camping spot or tent spot can be rented for a specified period, typically per night or per week.
    b. Check-in and check-out times will be provided during the reservation process.
    c. Extensions of the stay may be possible, subject to availability.
  3. Campsite Regulations: a. Campers must comply with all campsite regulations and rules.
    b. Open fires may be prohibited in certain areas, and campers must follow designated fire safety guidelines.
    c. Noise levels should be kept to a minimum during designated quiet hours.
    d. Proper waste disposal should be practiced, and campers are responsible for keeping the campsite clean.
  4. Campsite Facilities:
    a. The rental of a camping spot or tent spot usually includes access to basic facilities such as toilets, showers, and water sources.
    b. Additional amenities such as electricity hookups, picnic tables, and barbecue areas may be available at certain campsites.
  5. Tent Spots: a. Tent spots are designated areas for pitching tents.
    b. The maximum number of tents allowed per tent spot may be specified.
    c. Tent spots may have restrictions on tent size or equipment.
  6. Camping Spots:
    a. Camping spots are areas suitable for campers with recreational vehicles (RVs) or caravans. b. Size restrictions for RVs or caravans may apply in certain camping spots.
    c. Access to electricity, water, and sewage hookups may be available for camping spots.
  7. Cancellation and Refunds:
    a. Cancellation policies and refund eligibility will be outlined during the reservation process.
    b. Cancellations made within a certain timeframe may result in a partial or full refund of the rental fee.
    c. Late cancellations or no-shows may result in the forfeiture of the rental fee.
  8. Liability and Insurance:
    a. Campers are responsible for their own safety and the security of their belongings. b. Eidicamping is not liable for any injuries, damages, or losses incurred during the rental period. c. It is recommended that campers have appropriate insurance coverage for their personal belongings.
  9. Changes and Modifications:
    a. Any changes or modifications to the reservation must be communicated to Eidicamping in advance.
    b. Changes are subject to availability and may incur additional charges.
  10. Termination of Rental Agreement:
    a. Eidicamping reserves the right to terminate the rental agreement if campers fail to comply with campsite rules or regulations. b. In such cases, refunds may not be provided, and campers may be asked to leave the premises.